27 July, 2006

Computer Illiterate.

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Ok, so I’m obviously not the most computer literate person so I don’t know how to upload the file! I’m so thick, I know so I’m going to wait for someone who will know to come online and then I shall ensue to bug him or her! So please bear with me!!

So as it’s the summer holidays, my brother and sister are home all the time! It’s a lil unfair that I still have to complete my thesis but I try to make the most of the time I do spend with them. The thing about our relationship (as I am sure it is with many other siblings) is that we laugh at absolutely anything but there are some things that only we get. Yesterday however, my sister came out with the best comment I’ve heard for a long time! If I’d recorded it, it would have gone up on YouTube. It went something like this (btw, my brother goes to the Private Boys School Eltham College). We were talking about food technology not being part of the curriculum at my brother’s school.

Sister: They don’t do food technology at your school because they still see it as a girl’s subject.

This next bit was said in a heavy Asian accent! 

Sister: Your school is RACIST!!!! Looooooooooooooooooooooooooooool!!

Blatantly we were in stitches for a fair while after this comment!


All Homosapien?!

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So erm.. I wrote this post about a week ago but never got round to uploading it… It’s not that good but I like it…It starts off with the following:

As an individual born and bred in the
UK to Sri Lankan parents there’s always bound to be some confliction in thoughts and ideas. However, there has never been any conflict in my thoughts towards my culture. I am perfectly aware of where I’m from, what my background, where my heritage lies. However, I’m just as aware of where the future lies.


23 July, 2006

Black Eyes!!!

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Yesterday, I was invited to my friend’s (Osman) birthday event. He decided that he wanted to go on a boat so he invited a few of his friends, we bought some tickets and off on the boat we went.

Firstly, I’ve only known Oz for a few months so the fact that he invited me was in itself enough. Bless your heart dude! The boat was meant to leave at 8, and in true typical fashion, I was running late.

As soon as I found a parking space (which is hard to find in
Central London) I went to park my car, at which point a F**KING nut job of a cabbie decided to scuff my bumper and drove off. To say I was pissed is a lil bit of an understatement and the language that was coming out of my mouth was highly offensive. 😛

Then my mate called and told me the boat’s leaving at 8 – Run. So, not giving a shit, I took off my shoes and ran all the way down the embankment trying not to give myself two black eyes in the process! It was 8 when I got there and the boat didn’t leave for a following 15 minutes!!!

It was a highly eventful night, what with various hen nights being celebrated on the same boat as us. Thus, one certain man of our group was given a random lap dance! I think others had their asses stroked and propositioned for their underwear for which in return they were able to grope an amply bosomed lady’s assets! They declined which I’m quite disappointed in! 😛

And bless you for walking me back to my car. Highly appreciated!

19 July, 2006

How Dense Am I?! No Quiz Needed!

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I haven’t really written anything for a while so just to catch up on what I’ve been up to.

Monday, I walked into the gents toilets at work! It was soooo embarrassing but easily done. At our work place, we have alternate toilets on each floor so our floor is male and the one below are female and so on. So I was on the phone and assumed that i was on the right floor and just walked in. Everything looked the same till I turned the corner and saw the urinals! There was no one in there so I thought it was all good until as I turned to get the hell outta there, a group of gents walked in. I was well embarrassed

What a dense moment!

I need a second job so I applied to be a “Contact Centre Agent” and today I had my assessment/interview day. Firstly, how hard is it to answer a phone? I mean, this place had like elimination rounds to get rid of people. We had a numerous amount of group activities. Thankfully, I made it to the end so I guess I’ll let you know the outcome. There were a lot of HOT dudes there though so one incentive if anything else.

13 July, 2006


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So I’ve decided to jump on the blogging bandwagon. To be honest, I’ve been doing it for a while but mainly on my msn space thingy. I decide that there may be random individuals who aren’t on my contact list that may want an insight into my world. So here goes… Can you believe that I nearly spelt bloggers wrong and typed “bloogers”?! Can you imagine the shame?! I, personally, would have laughed at myself.. actually I laugh at myself a lot.. you might have to deal with that a bit!

I’ve just finished reading ‘We Need to Talk About Kevin’ by Lionel Shriver and I do need to rant that it is one of the best books that I’ve read in an amazingly loooong time. You’ll come to realise that I love to read and I’m not ashamed of it in any shape or form. So, it’s a psychological book and for those of you that don’t really want to know anything about it in case I give too much away.. I’m sorry if I do!

It tells the story of a young boy (Kevin) in the States who has carried out a high school killing. It would appear that this child comes across as the Devil child from birth. The story shows the mother writing letters to her husband detailing their lives as Kevin grows up, what possessed Kevin to perform such an act, trying to understand a person’s reasons for committing such a heinous crime.

If you do get the chance to read it, please do. It’s an excellent book.

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