8 October, 2006

The Veil Debate!

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So I’m not jumping on the bandwagon but I wanted to give my opinions on this matter! Please don’t lynch me!

I guess all you can hear or see nowadays in the British media is some vilification towards Islam. The most recent being the debate about the comments that the House of Commons leader Jack Straw saying that he asks Muslim women visiting his constituency surgery to remove their face veils because he finds them a barrier to communication.

Imagine the mass outcry that this has caused, especially at a time when it seems that being a British Muslim is any excuse to be subjected to a barrage of abuse. At a time when the relations between Muslims and Non Muslims is tense and “Islamaphobia” is the topic of nearly every day, I ask myself, if this was the wisest career move that Straw has made.

I can understand where’s he coming from. It is difficult to communicate with ANY person whose face is obscured but blind people seem to cope do they not?

I’ve read numerous debates about where Muslims are outraged at being subjected to what apparently constitutes as “racism” and¬†“hostility” towards Muslims and where people wouldn’t dream of asking Jewish people to remove their skull cap nor would they ask a nun to remove her habit.

What Straw said was that he asked those who came into his office to remove their scarf. These women have every right to object and say no.. Isn’t that due to the freedom of speech and civil right that is enforced in this country? The same way, is Straw not allowed to enforce his opinion?

From what I’ve read, and I’m generalising here because a few of my bestest friends are Muslim, it seems as though you can’t say a bad word against Islam for fear of being accused of Islamaphobia.

What happened to freedom of speech for those who aren’t Muslim?


1 August, 2006

Miserable People

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I am entirely fed up with the amount of miserable people I see every morning on the train! SMILE! Or show some kind of human emotion rather than sitting there with no life to you!