8 October, 2006

The Veil Debate!

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So I’m not jumping on the bandwagon but I wanted to give my opinions on this matter! Please don’t lynch me!

I guess all you can hear or see nowadays in the British media is some vilification towards Islam. The most recent being the debate about the comments that the House of Commons leader Jack Straw saying that he asks Muslim women visiting his constituency surgery to remove their face veils because he finds them a barrier to communication.

Imagine the mass outcry that this has caused, especially at a time when it seems that being a British Muslim is any excuse to be subjected to a barrage of abuse. At a time when the relations between Muslims and Non Muslims is tense and “Islamaphobia” is the topic of nearly every day, I ask myself, if this was the wisest career move that Straw has made.

I can understand where’s he coming from. It is difficult to communicate with ANY person whose face is obscured but blind people seem to cope do they not?

I’ve read numerous debates about where Muslims are outraged at being subjected to what apparently constitutes as “racism” and “hostility” towards Muslims and where people wouldn’t dream of asking Jewish people to remove their skull cap nor would they ask a nun to remove her habit.

What Straw said was that he asked those who came into his office to remove their scarf. These women have every right to object and say no.. Isn’t that due to the freedom of speech and civil right that is enforced in this country? The same way, is Straw not allowed to enforce his opinion?

From what I’ve read, and I’m generalising here because a few of my bestest friends are Muslim, it seems as though you can’t say a bad word against Islam for fear of being accused of Islamaphobia.

What happened to freedom of speech for those who aren’t Muslim?


10 August, 2006

What DO Muslims Want?

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I watched this documentary on Channel 4 presented by Jon Snow entitled “What Muslims Want”. It consisted of him travelling up and down the lengths of Britain interviewing various Muslims. A survey had been conducted amongst a thousand Muslims and it was the result of these that this documentary was based on.

Now firstly, you can get a summary of this documentary in his article for The Times, I think it was.

Firstly, is it viable to make such a documentary on such a topic when the sample size is so small? I mean the population of Muslims in
Britain is apparently something like 1.5 million! So, for those Statisticians, that’s like 0.06% (Correct me if I’m wrong please!). How does that give an opinion of a whole sect?!

Secondly, I’ve got some ‘nit picking points’, I guess you could call them, to make.

–> At one point I asked him and his two friends: “You’d like me to become a Muslim, wouldn’t you?” They said I’d be much better for it, and talked about the positive aspects of converting.

So yes, there may have been a rise in the incidence of preaching of converting to Islam but this is the same as all those Christians and Jehovah’s witnesses that have been doing so for years by knocking on MY FRONT DOOR! That is a blatant invasion of my publicness (I don’t think that’s a word but go with it!). Yet, there is no public outcry or backlash is there?

–> The standards such teachings embody are non-liberal, though these are not without attraction to people on the conservative end of British life, who, like these young Koranic students, view homosexuality and drunkenness in public places as wholly unacceptable. 

Doesn’t the Bible also condemn homosexuality? Well, maybe not so much as condemn but more disapprove as such. And who likes displays of drunkenness in public?! I mean, I certainly don’t. It’s sad to see sometimes that people can become so paralytic that they don’t grasp what they are doing on a night out. Again, this is not “Muslim” opinion but a general lifestyle opinion.

I admire him for trying to get across a topic that is subject to so much political correctness but I personally don’t think he’s done such a good job.

I say this because, I have Muslims friends and in the whole time that I have known them, they have never exhibited “extreme” views nor tried to convert me to Islam. They’ve embraced my own religion and my own views. Not only that, they have managed to adapt their culture and religion into the Western way.

Why Jon Snow didn’t interview them is beyond me!

4 August, 2006

Impending War?

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It seems as though there is an impending war looming in Sri Lanka. Again, I can only comment on what I know and these are my only views. Last night, my friend and I were discussing the situation in Sri Lanka. He asked what my views were on it.

As I’ve already stated, should the LTTE get what they want, how much of the Tamil Diaspora go back to their “homeland” is questionable and how much the separate state will benefit the Tamil people is debateable. However, it’s undeniable that Tamil people are considered second-class citizens.

What really angered me however though is this whole Israel – Lebanon thing. I condone the actions of both parties in this. My knowledge of politics in the Middle East is weak – to say the least. However, there has been an ongoing Civil War in Sri Lanka for the best part of three decades yet the amount of outrage and media coverage is unaccountable for (in my humble opinion). It seems as though the Western Influences can only speak out against actions where their assets are compromised. It’s obvious that Sri Lanka does not have massive oil wells! We are a humble land that has been ravaged by war but genocide is genocide whether there are goods to offer or not! 

The Middle East situation has been ongoing for what? 2 – 3 weeks? Compared with the situation in Sri Lanka and even Rwanda or Somalia where Civil Wars have been ongoing for an immense number of years yet public awareness is weak.

The fault of this is questionable. Is it down to individuals themselves for not being aware? Is it the fault of the Media for not publicising it? Or is the fault of influential Powers for not giving a shit? My personal opinion is that it is the last of these three. In my view, it seems as though this is all about Oil. This is what is everyone’s concern is about the situation in the Middle East. 

A human life seems irrelevant when money comes into the equation.

27 July, 2006

All Homosapien?!

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So erm.. I wrote this post about a week ago but never got round to uploading it… It’s not that good but I like it…It starts off with the following:

As an individual born and bred in the
UK to Sri Lankan parents there’s always bound to be some confliction in thoughts and ideas. However, there has never been any conflict in my thoughts towards my culture. I am perfectly aware of where I’m from, what my background, where my heritage lies. However, I’m just as aware of where the future lies.