Who I Am


Firstly, let me say thank you for passing through. Even if you don’t stay or appreciate what I have to say, you took time out of your day to stop here so thank you!

Me: I’m just doing my thang, trying to get forward in my life. I don’t want to cause others harm and I try to see the best in everyone unless they prove otherwise.

Vitals: Female, 24, London born Sri Lankan Tamil. I’m proud of who I am, where I come from and the fact that I have the best of two worlds!

THE most important thing to me are my family.

I hope you enjoy my blogging entries.. they’re just here to provide a light sense of reading.

Now that you are here, stay, enjoy the ride and please come back!  (“,)




  1. psenthilraja said,

    After all, you havent specified your name…!!!!

  2. smileygirly said,

    No One ever asked! But, it’s Vijitha (“,)

  3. psenthilraja said,

    Thanks for your response!..

  4. smileygirly said,

    You’re quite welcome!

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