13 August, 2006

Lovely Fluffy Clouds

Posted in Mundane Thoughts at 9:37 pm by smileygirly

I saw the most beautiful cloud today. That kind of comment probably warrants a “What a nut job” response so please feel free to carry on along that train of thought. However, let me describe this cloud. I did take a picture but I can’t post photos into my blog and thus any help would be greatly appreciated. It was a beautiful cumulus nimbus cloud that had the colour of a rain cloud. It had a purplish/greyish tinge to it. And then behind it, you could see a perfect white cumulus nimbus cloud and it looked like the purplish one had this amazing white back drop. The horizon was an orange crimson colour and it truly was beautiful. I do tend to get excited over clouds. This is because I love looking at them and trying to identify shapes and stuff.

I think clouds are one of nature’s most beautiful creations.



  1. SweetIdiot said,

    Sigh! Aren’t they!

  2. sittingnut said,

    they can be anything and everything !

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