11 August, 2006

I Am Officially Old!

Posted in Mundane Thoughts at 2:23 pm by smileygirly

If you’ve read my “About” page, you’ll know that I’m a mere 24 years young. It’s not that old in chronological terms or so I used to think but last night that all changed. After celebrating my friend’s 24th birthday, I was invited to the 18th birthday party of a family friend’s (who also happens to be a close friend of my brother). So I decided to go, if only to provide some sort of supervision. This was the first threat of old age-ness creeping in.

Once I got there, it was obvious by far that I was one of the oldest individuals there (good job that I look young for my age!). Amazing how youths are so cliquey now. As we walked through (my younger brother, sister and cousin), all eyes on us as though being surveyed by a pack of lions – seriously!

As my night progressed, it got steadily worse. I was presented with scenes of a mass gathering of identical Asian girls grinding, whining and generally being far too provocative then they should have been with identical Asian boys. When I say identical, I mean cloned: typical straight black hair, all wearing the same dark denim skinny jeans and standard white pumps. Seriously, everywhere I turned I was confronted by one. The boys: the spiky hair look is obviously in, followed by wearing jumpers with only one arm pulled through, the dark denim oversized jeans followed with the traditional white trainers. CLONED I tell you!

On top of that, I had some nut job coming up to me every so often trying to high-five me. I was like “DUDE! We don’t even know each other – get over it!”

I was appalled at the behaviour I saw last night. Scenes of carnage I tell you. Is it so wrong that I’m feeling like this?



  1. venus said,

    Ur not alone..I feel the same when confronted by masses of seemingly identical individuals all intent of getting smashed and hooking up. I’m sure in a couple of years I’ll see struggling postgrad students spending day after day cooped up in science labs and call them geeks 🙂 Life goes on

  2. Darwin said,

    The general idiocy of the people who surround you as a part of daily routine is actually an awesome chance to poke fun at them and feel better about your much-less idiotic self.

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