10 August, 2006

What DO Muslims Want?

Posted in My View On Politics at 11:53 am by smileygirly

I watched this documentary on Channel 4 presented by Jon Snow entitled “What Muslims Want”. It consisted of him travelling up and down the lengths of Britain interviewing various Muslims. A survey had been conducted amongst a thousand Muslims and it was the result of these that this documentary was based on.

Now firstly, you can get a summary of this documentary in his article for The Times, I think it was.

Firstly, is it viable to make such a documentary on such a topic when the sample size is so small? I mean the population of Muslims in
Britain is apparently something like 1.5 million! So, for those Statisticians, that’s like 0.06% (Correct me if I’m wrong please!). How does that give an opinion of a whole sect?!

Secondly, I’ve got some ‘nit picking points’, I guess you could call them, to make.

–> At one point I asked him and his two friends: “You’d like me to become a Muslim, wouldn’t you?” They said I’d be much better for it, and talked about the positive aspects of converting.

So yes, there may have been a rise in the incidence of preaching of converting to Islam but this is the same as all those Christians and Jehovah’s witnesses that have been doing so for years by knocking on MY FRONT DOOR! That is a blatant invasion of my publicness (I don’t think that’s a word but go with it!). Yet, there is no public outcry or backlash is there?

–> The standards such teachings embody are non-liberal, though these are not without attraction to people on the conservative end of British life, who, like these young Koranic students, view homosexuality and drunkenness in public places as wholly unacceptable. 

Doesn’t the Bible also condemn homosexuality? Well, maybe not so much as condemn but more disapprove as such. And who likes displays of drunkenness in public?! I mean, I certainly don’t. It’s sad to see sometimes that people can become so paralytic that they don’t grasp what they are doing on a night out. Again, this is not “Muslim” opinion but a general lifestyle opinion.

I admire him for trying to get across a topic that is subject to so much political correctness but I personally don’t think he’s done such a good job.

I say this because, I have Muslims friends and in the whole time that I have known them, they have never exhibited “extreme” views nor tried to convert me to Islam. They’ve embraced my own religion and my own views. Not only that, they have managed to adapt their culture and religion into the Western way.

Why Jon Snow didn’t interview them is beyond me!



  1. sach said,

    I read the entry and then scrolled up and realized, “it’s smiley’s blog!!!”. Lol. Just woke up so shall leave a more meaningful comment later.

  2. Savi said,


    Ok,firstly regarding the survey:Bearing in mind that I’m no statistician, I’m a math student who simply sucks at statistics,I could generally tell you that this survey hasnt been conducted in the way that it should have been in. I could also tell you that no survey can capture the entire sample population.

    What we generally try to do is to get a random sample of a wide cross-section of the population.So, ideally from a solely statistics point of view, this guy shouldnt have just gone to Bradford and other very densely populated areas, but around the UK. From the random newsagent in Bradford to the posh investment banker in Central London to the university student in Oxford to the radical who protests infront of the US embassy.(not necessarily like that, but u get what I’m trying to get at here, right?!) More than the SIZE of the sample(which naturally matters) is the question as to whether he has captured a random cross-section of the sample population, as opposed to sampling a rather biased section of the population. (I could have given u the exact statistical terminology, if my notes were at hand,but they arent!)

    As much as he seems to have done his research to a certain extent, his main suirvey seems to have been centred in more highly muslim populated areas in Bradford and London.In these areas,thanks to incidents such as the Bradford riots in 2001-02, the emotions do run a bit high.

    Also he hasnt given us how exactly he posed the question. Even though we may not think about it, the question “Do you think 9-11 is a conspiracy of the US?” and “whom do u think is responsible for 9-11?” would result in different answers. Little things, I know. but you’d be suprised to see there is a big difference in the responses to how you phrase a question.Alot of things like that, if Stoke-by-Trent has a 3% of worth of muslim population, surely all of that 3% cannot be playing football, whatever happened to the others? Same with cases, about busymarkets in Bradford and London, the people who bound upto you to talk are usually the people who are strongly opinionated, you have to go to the ones who ignore you, it’s those peoples’ opinion, that make a survey a more rounded one.

    This is why,statistics students are primiarily taught not to believe sweeping statements such as “one in four think Diana was murdered to stop her marrying a Muslim. ”

    I’m sorry for the rant on all the statistics.Strangely I seem to be in the mood. and pls excuse for my misquotation of terminology, like I told u before, I suck at my stats.

  3. Sam said,

    Muslims need same thing we all need. Good leaders it is.

  4. ummabdullah said,

    Its nice to know that some english people out there realize the media.. and all these reports about how bad muslims are..

    And I agree .. born agains and jehovah witnesses are much much worse..

    and muslims have integrated into society rather well.. some even keeping their religious ideals..

    There is just a small group who haven’t it.. one bad apple makes them all look bad

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