23 July, 2006

Black Eyes!!!

Posted in Uncategorized at 7:37 pm by smileygirly

Yesterday, I was invited to my friend’s (Osman) birthday event. He decided that he wanted to go on a boat so he invited a few of his friends, we bought some tickets and off on the boat we went.

Firstly, I’ve only known Oz for a few months so the fact that he invited me was in itself enough. Bless your heart dude! The boat was meant to leave at 8, and in true typical fashion, I was running late.

As soon as I found a parking space (which is hard to find in
Central London) I went to park my car, at which point a F**KING nut job of a cabbie decided to scuff my bumper and drove off. To say I was pissed is a lil bit of an understatement and the language that was coming out of my mouth was highly offensive. 😛

Then my mate called and told me the boat’s leaving at 8 – Run. So, not giving a shit, I took off my shoes and ran all the way down the embankment trying not to give myself two black eyes in the process! It was 8 when I got there and the boat didn’t leave for a following 15 minutes!!!

It was a highly eventful night, what with various hen nights being celebrated on the same boat as us. Thus, one certain man of our group was given a random lap dance! I think others had their asses stroked and propositioned for their underwear for which in return they were able to grope an amply bosomed lady’s assets! They declined which I’m quite disappointed in! 😛

And bless you for walking me back to my car. Highly appreciated!



  1. sach said,

    hey smiley…..nice to see you in a more accessible blog…happy “blooging” 😉

  2. poetlost said,

    Ahh out of MSN spaces. Thank God.

    Lap dance? Do tell 😮

  3. smileygirly said,

    I’ll have you know that there is nothing wrong with my MSN Space blog.. I just thought more then the people in my contact list need to know about the nutty me!

    And the lap dance.. You’d have to ask Sooty about that! 😉

  4. Antony said,

    are u referring to Osama OZ, a tiny lil fellow with a good sense a humor n brainy asss??!?!?!

  5. smileygirly said,

    Er.. No? Who’s that?

  6. Antony said,

    sorrry wrong number…

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